Is laser hair removal permanent
Is laser hair removal permanent
November 15, 2019
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Carbon Peeling

Carbon Peeling

Carbon Peeling

Carbon peeling is a revolutionary laser procedure. It is totally safe and not a bit painful, with minimal-to-zero recovery time. If you have an oily or dull skin, blackheads, large pores or acne on your face or your body, the peeling would be extremely beneficial for you. It is also an appropriate way to refresh your skin and remove its husk, instantly giving you a refreshed look and making your skin softer, smoother and firmer.

Carbon Peeling

Carbon Peeling

How does carbon peeling work?

Your practitioner applies a layer of liquefied carbon to your skin, the carbon molecules goes deep into your skin pores. Laser light is naturally attracted to the carbon molecules. After that mass effect of the carbon, the area is targeted with the laser, which burns the carbon, killing with it dead skin cells, oil and any other impurities.

Laser peeling has a lot of beneficial effects on the targeted area:


Carbon is capable of absorbing profound pores of oil and contaminants. When the laser passes through the therapy region, it targets the carbon molecules and destroys them and takes any absorbed impurities or oil with it.


During  peeling process, laser burns the carbon, which is attached to dead skins (dry layers) or any blackheads, making the skin much finer, stronger and more youthful.


Carbon peeling also aim to boost collagen development through deeper layers of the skin, resulting in a firmer plumper skin, a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles, and a tighter and more glowing sensation for the skin.

Acne and Oil Destroying:

The heat resulting from the burn; the laser burning the carbon, has also some additional benefits.

  • Reduction of the bacteria accountable for acne; called Propionibacterium acnes, allowing for better healing and recovery of pimples and acne.
  • Reduction in size of sebaceous glands; the glands responsible for producing oil, which directly reduces skin oil production, and hence reducing the “overcrowding” building up inside skin pores.




Carbon peeling practices can be applied to any part of your body: face, arms, chest and even the back.

The aftermath:

Like all skin treatments, carbon peeling must be followed by an appropriate skin-care routine; and daily use of sunblock (high spectrum). Significant results have been achieved after a single procedure, yet a regular treatment with more than one stage are recommended for longer term results.


Amjad Medical is now one of the preeminent companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in providing dermatologists and skin care centers with the latest laser devices used in carbon peeling treatment; Fotona StarWalker; an Ultra Performance Q-Switched Laser System, is one of the main devices used in laser treatment of carbon peeling.


For more information about Fotona Starwalker, please visit the link below:



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